Freshman Girls’ Basketball

Being a very athletic person, I am so lucky to be part of a school that takes such pride in their sports teams.  From soccer to hockey to our recently added (and very talented) ping pong team, BSM has something to offer for everyone.  At the moment, that sport for me is basketball. 

Basically anyone who wants to play basketball can play, with BSM providing levels from ninth grade through varsity.  Usually, every spot possible is filled because of the great amount of interest from tons of girls.  But, because of numbers, this year there are only three girls’ basketball teams (freshmen, b-squad, and varsity).  However, this is no downfall but a chance for players in the lower grades to be able to play at more competitive levels and become more prepared for varsity. 

Ten other players and I make up the BSM girls’ freshman team, and it has been an awesome experience so far.  We have a great coach who really makes our season fun but competitive at the same time.  Practice consists of an endless supply of a variety of basketball drills (I mean really, where does he think of all of these), the occasional and dreaded (but necessary) killers, and of course that one game in which you have to dribble through the rows of flailing basketballs.  Oh, and I must not forget our numerous three-point lightening tournaments, the winner securing bragging rights and a pop from the coach.  Although, once the season games begin, we become completely focused and take everything we’ve learned at practice to the court.  Our team is really tight, and we work amazingly together.  Win or lose, we move on and turn our mistakes into successes.  So far we’ve had a pretty good season (our record is 7-5-0), which we’re hoping to turn into an awesome season.  However this season ends up, I know that it will be an amazing experience which I will take with me in the future.