Macy’s 8th Floor ‘Offers Enchantment’

maria cass

For those of you who love the holiday season, but are not fond of the cold, here is a way to enjoy yourself inside and still celebrate the holiday season: The annual Macy’s auditorium show.

Opening for its 46th year of enchantment, the auditorium show on the eight floor of the Macy’s Downtown is a sight to behold. The long hallway entrance, painted purple with occasional gold stars is typical, but inside the walls of the auditorium is a masterful work of art which is sure to impress the “techies,” artists, and anyone who just has a thing for glitter.

“A day in the life of an elf,” the 2008 theme, is sure to answer all your childhood questions regarding just what goes on in Santa’s workshop. The walk through the exhibit starts with three or four elves cranking a loud speaker which booms out “Merry Christmas” as you advance along the glittery, snowy streets of “elfville” with Christmas trees singing “winter wonderland” in deep voices in the background.

At first the path leads you along the streets of “elfville” on a snowy night, showing muskrats and polar bears decorating a Christmas tree. As you follow the path you enter the warmth and glow of Santa’s workshop where the viewer experiences the behind the scenes work of the elves during Christmas time.

Not only is there an opportunity for children to meet Santa, but Mrs. Claus is also wandering the streets of “elfville” greeting viewers. I was standing behind a little boy who asked Mrs. Claus, “Did you get my letter?” Ms. Claus smiled and told the little boy that the elves were sorting letters from children all over the world inside Santa’s Workshop; the boy took off, if he had been six foot and two-hundred pounds, people would have been mowed down and rolled flat like the gingerbread cookies the elves were baking.

The holiday show first started in 1963 with the theme Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Since then it has become an installment in Twin Cities holiday tradition. With past themes such as Dickens’ Village, Peter Pan, The Velveteen Rabbit, and 2007’s The Nutcracker, the 2008 edition is just as dazzling and equally entertaining.