Boys’ Basketball: trying to hold onto State Championship

Caitlin Ritchie

Boys’ varsity basketball graduated seven seniors last year and with them the team lost 66 points per game, but as new leaders step into place, the team will do its best to defend its first ever state title.

The five returning seniors, Dan Emanuel, Alex Miller, Zach Rogers, Justin Segal, and captain John Musech have some large leadership roles to fill. Head coach John Moore said, “Our ability to have success will be based on leadership…and our ability to play team ball this year.”

However, a total of 12 players from last year’s state championship team return with experience playing together and a readiness to surprise fans this season. “Those 12 know what it takes to meet our goals,” said Moore, “They are confident and do a good job.”

Already holding open gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the team has realized its strength and speed. “We’re a fast team and we’ll move the ball up the court a lot to earn ‘hustle points,'” said Musech.

This advantage will help the team succeed despite the graduating of some exceptional players, two of which (Jordan Taylor and Armond Battle) signed to play on D1 college basketball teams. The season will be centered around a more team-oriented offense and defense because of this, said Moore. “The team is unselfish, passes the ball, and has good team defense which will surprise those who don’t know the players,” said Moore.

Along with the team’s goals for this season, also comes a hope for a resurgence of superfans. “[The superfans] really made the season [last year.] They added so much life to the games,” said Moore. Moore hopes a new group of students will step up to cheer on the team this year after their success last season.

Despite some setbacks, the boys’ basketball team is determined to start this season with as much intensity as it ended with last season. “It was fun playing with [the seniors last year],” said Musech, “but it’s nice to finally have a chance to show everyone what we can do.” “Come support the team. We’ll be better than people are expecting,” said Musech.