80s rock lives on in new Guys Band

Sara Schlueter

After school, a group of seven BSM students head down to the band room for guys band practice. They begin their practice by tuning their instruments that range from electric guitars and bass to trumpets and saxophones.

Focusing on 80s music, such as from the band Chicago, the guys band is hoping that they will eventually showcase their talents to the BSM community, and maybe get more people interested in the group.

Senior Tony Flesher was the one who began guys band and got it organized. “I started this because the choir concerts seemed more interesting to the audience compared to the band concerts that weren’t very interesting. I want the guys band to make the band concerts more exciting for those watching,” said Flesher.

At the concerts, the band will be playing songs that the audience knows and are familiar to them. “We were working on ‘Shutter’ by Kiss, but we decided that it didn’t really work with the ensemble, so we are looking for another piece,” said Flesher. The genre that the band will focus on is rock, preferably from the 80s so that it will be recognizable.

The members who are in the guys band all have band experience from being in the class, so they have a good feel for the instruments and the music. They don’t play the typical band instruments such as clarinet or saxophone, but rather they use that experience to play other instruments. “The instruments that we play are guitar, rhythm guitar, bass, drum set, and trumpet,” said Flesher.

What makes this group unique from other clubs is that it is mostly student run, although they do use the band room to practice once or twice a week for a half hour. “Mr. Keefe [the band director] gets the music for us so we know what parts to play, but other than that we decide what we want,” said Flesher.

Junior Kirby Ahlm, who plays the saxophone in band class, but plays the rhythm guitar for the group, said, “I joined guys band because it looks good on college applications, and it’s an easy activity to do.”

Guys band is a way for students who are interested in music to have fun while playing their instruments. “It’s just another activity that I can do to get involved and have fun,” said junior trumpet player Joe Kramer.

One of the main purposes of the formation of guys band is simply just for fun. “Guys band is just fun and entertaining to be in,” said senior Andy LaBounty who also plays the trumpet for the group.

As of right now, the guys are hoping to play at the Christmas concert, but they have to see if the group is ready to perform. “We will for sure be playing at the spring concert though,” said Flesher. If you want to join guys band, musical experience or instrument experience is strongly encouraged, and if you would like further information about this group, talk to Tony Flesher.