A Knightmare to Remember

Caitlin Ritchie

The Knightmare dance, created partially to make up for the failed attempt that was Homecoming, surprisingly went beyond the expectations of many students and teachers, even after new dancing rules were instated earlier in the week.

Many students believed the dancing regulations would serve no purpose: “They can’t just tell students to stop [grinding], they’ll just find another way to do it,” said junior Itisha Alexander.

Despite the students’ negative reaction to the new grinding rules, most abided by them while at the Knightmare dance: “We only had to talk to a few students,” said assistant principal Mrs. Mary Andersen, “but those we talked to were very good about changing.” Most students seemed more excited to show off their dance moves in several dance circles, rather than grinding. “I have more fun actually dancing rather than moving side to side and grinding,” said junior Laura Hanten.

Although some students believed that the grinding rules would hurt the dance, most, like Hanten, found the dance as a whole to be a large improvement. Student council president Craig Shaver said, “This dance was much more successful [than Homecoming] in pleasing the people who attended.”

“Having a chance to hear the D.J. was definitely a plus,” said Hanten. Knightmare’s D.J., from Northern Lights, blew the students away with a wide range of songs from new releases like “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna, to classic dance tunes like “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Shout” by Temptations.

“He interacted with us and let us request songs,” said freshman Hannah Morin. This well improved aspect made the whole dance more enjoyable for most students.

When asked about attending Holiday Ball with the grinding rules in effect, both Alexander and Hanten agreed that they would still go. “I’ve only got three for my entire life so I might as well go,” said Hanten. Both also ended up enjoying the Knightmare dance more than they expected and are looking forward to BSM’s next formal dance.