Freshman Shumpert stomps the runway

Mary Musilek

Strutting down the runway on September 15, freshmen Khadijah Shumpert modeled the hairstyling of the top stylists in the hairdressing industry. The two stylists who worked on Shumpert’s hair were David Adams, world-renowned colorist, and Ricardo Dinis, stylist and creative director for Aveda Academics.

“The Aveda Congress of 2008 is a show where around 4,000 hair stylists and makeup artists come to show new looks that are in,” said Shumpert. Stylists bring their own models, do their hair and makeup, and send them down the runway to show off their work.

Adams bleached the roots of Shumpert’s hair twice and then dyed them silver, and Dinis cut and formed her hair into a tapered afro. Not only did she get a cut and color from professional stylists, but she was also paid $975. “The best part, though, was when I walked out and saw flashing lights and screaming people,” said Shumpert.

Shumpert started modeling at the age of 11. “My mom was on a never-ending quest to make sure I was a model,” said Shumpert, “My mom was a model when she was 17, and she did runway.”
Shumpert’s mom took her to ProScouts, where kids model and agents watch to see if they want to sign any of the kids as models. “My modeling agency is Visions,” said Shumpert, “My agent found me at ProScouts where he really liked my look.”

At 5 foot 11 and 3/4, Shumpert does mostly runway, but she has modeled in a few shoots. “I was in a Target catalog when I was in sixth grade,” said Shumpert.

Not only does she love the adrenaline rush she gets walking out onto the runway, but she also loves the experience of being a model. “The atmosphere is really cool; everyone is there for your every need,” said Shumpert.

Although she does enjoy modeling, Shumpert does not see it as a future career. “I see it as something on the side. I want to go to college,” said Shumpert.