Favorite Class

Witnessing such an incredible presidential election year has made me appreciate my AP Government class so much. When I signed up for it back at Red Knight Round-Up, I had no idea what the class was like, whether or not my friends were taking it, and I certainly didn’t know how dealings of a bicameral legislature in regard to the executive branch affected the passing of bills. I’ve already finished one quarter and I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how much I’ve come to appreciate the objectivity of my teacher, Ms. Weisgram.
The class is taught in a way that resembles a college course more than high school. We have to read the book not because we’ll be given a pop quiz on it the next day, but because the main ideas and philosophies found there will aid us in the formation of our pending AP exams in May. We are encouraged to discuss with our fellow students different ideas and possibilities, and I feel like I’m getting a sense of how to become an informed American citizen.
Politics divide the nation, as we’ve seen with the last few elections and certainly this year’s. In this class I’ve learned to see the issues from the perspectives of both liberals and conservatives and I’ve come to have a greater respect for those with beliefs different from mine. Even though I could not vote in this year’s election, because of all I have learned in this class, I feel like I’ll be able to make an informed decision the next time around and actively combat the contented ignorance so many Americans accidentally slip into.
Senior year and an AP Government class might seem like years and years away to underclassmen, but everything I’ve learned at BSM builds from one year to the next, and I felt completely prepared to take this course by the time my senior year rolled around. I think this class really embodies what an education at BSM stands for: it gives students the tools and the thought process to think critically about issues that have arisen in our society and then gain the strength and confidence to make our ideas a reality.