New Intramural Basketball League Seeks Participants

Elle Mohs

An intramural basketball league is an opportunity trying to be made possible, by Will Ola and Mr. Snell, during late winter season for any student grades 9-12.

During the months of January and February, co-ed teams, consisting of 6-8 students put together by the BSM students themselves, will get together and play each other in games during the school week. The students will take charge of the teams and overall organization, forming a bracket system, of games. Ola and Snell would like to get any students interested in this intramural basketball league together sometime before Christmas break to set-up and organize the league, the rules, the games played, and the players.

The flexibility this league would offer is definitely student friendly. Players can choose their own teammates, six to eight, for their teams. Will Ola and Mr. Snell are hoping that juniors or seniors will step up and take the leadership positions to help organize these teams. Also, the practice schedule isn’t too demanding since the players will be allowed to pick hours after school that are convenient for them. In addition, the season wouldn’t start until January or February.

This nonexclusive basketball program, with no tryouts, would be the perfect addition to BSM for students who simply love the game. “I think it’s important that if kids want to play basketball they should have that opportunity. In the past this has been difficult because there are limited spots on the basketball team. This league would be a perfect solution,” said Mr. Pettinger.