Six Volleyball Seniors End their Final Season

Sara Schlueter

As the fall sports season comes to a close, the volleyball team will be bidding farewell to six of their senior players. This group of seniors, which make up half the varsity team this year, have brought leadership as well as spirit to the game. They have also brought an interesting team chemistry, as five of the six seniors have been playing volleyball together since middle school. These girls have enjoyed many team memories with each other, and they will miss the team next year as they break apart their close bond.
Over the years, being a part of the volleyball team has not only strengthened the seniors’ skills in the game, but it has also taught them some valuable lessons that they can use beyond the court. “Being on the volleyball team has helped me to balance time between school, friends, and volleyball,” said Erin Sherman, who has been playing on the varsity team since ninth grade, and is one of the captains this year. Caroline Hendrickson, varsity player since her junior year, agreed with how the volleyball team has taught her to balance time. “It has definitely helped me with time management and homework,” said Hendrickson.

Natalie Guggenberger is definitely a veteran player on the team, as she has been playing varsity since eighth grade. This volleyball season in particular she learned valuable qualities through being a captain, saying, “This team has helped me to teach the other players about leadership, dedication, and working with other people.” Ashton Hansen, varsity player since her junior year said, “the team has taught me to work hard, and Heidi [varsity head coach] really pushes you to do your best.”

The volleyball team has gotten to know each other better and form a better team chemistry through their bonding activities. “I really liked the team dance parties,” said Christine Hanks who just joined the team last year. “Team bonding sleepovers were definitely the best, and I will miss them next year,” said Sherman. The girls also spend a lot of time with each other because of the two hour practices every day and tournaments on many of the weekends. Megan Beacom, one of the team captains said, “I am just simply going to miss the good team chemistry and everyone being able to be together.”
Heidi Collins, the varsity volleyball coach, will miss this group of girls next year as well. “The seniors this year have brought leadership, energy, and passion to the team,” said Collins. While the seniors have certainly been unique this year, the team will be able to recover from their absence by next season. “The next strong and upcoming group for the team is the sophomores. They also bring leadership, and they are ready for it,” said Collins.