Blackberry releases new touchscreen Storm

emily roberts

The release of the new Blackberry Storm is just a few weeks away, and numerous wireless carriers will be selling this new product. The Storm, coming out in late November, is quite similar to Apple’s iPhone; Blackberry imitated many of the iPhone’s most popular features. However, Blackberry improved these features in order to better satisfy the user’s needs.

What makes this device different than the other Blackberry phones is that it’s the first and only touchscreen Blackberry so far. Touch screen phones have created a great deal of customer excitement throughout the other various cellular carriers, such as Apple and Google.

The Blackberry storm features many innovations. Text messaging or even just browsing through a phone can many times be very difficult on touch screen phones. Typos occur much more often when using the touchscreen because it’s hard to prevent the wrong button from being pushed.

The Storm’s keypad is still very sensitive; however, it now requires cell phone users to hold down the button until it clicks. The screen also slightly depresses when the signal has gone through.

The updated keypad works much like a computer mouse because a person’s finger is what controls the cursor to move about the screen. The screen is also able to to be viewed as portrait or landscape.

What makes the construction of the Storm better than the iPhone is that it’s much shorter. The bulkiness of the iPhone makes it not very accessible because it prevents it from sliding easily into pockets.

The Storm can be used internationally with its global communications technology. Other available features include: wireless Internet, blackberry maps, built-in GPS, media player, camera, video recording, organizer, and browser.

The standard price of the Blackberry storm is $599. However, the price fluctuates depending on the type of plan and cellular provider the customer is using.