Girls’ Dive Team is Small Yet Stronger Than Ever

Mira Friedlander

The girls’ dive team has six girls, but just because the team is small doesn’t mean they don’t have strength. “We hope to have three to four girls make it to sections and three go to State,” said senior captain Bailey Ribich.

The dive team doesn’t necessarily win or a lose; they place depending on the score they received on their dives. Each dive is graded on a 1-10 scale; 5 is an average score for the team. The girls’ dive team members don’t have their own specific score so when each individual scores points, the points end up contributing to the swim team’s overall points. There is a wide range of dives that these divers can complete for competition. “Each week the dive league assigns a specific dive for everyone, and that dive will be the dive that goes first in the meets and that we try to improve on the most throughout the week,” said Ribich.

Even though they assign one type of dive, there are a lot of different dives to choose from. There are five categories of dives: fronts, backs, reverses, inwards, and twisters. Within each category you can manipulate the dive to fit your specific preference. You can either just do a dive, a flip, a one and a half dive, a double dive, and you can add as many twists as you want. “I like the reverses the most;  they are the most fun for me to do,” said Ribich.

The girls seem to have their hands full, especially since they just completed a dive meet against their biggest competitor, Spring Lake Park and the girls did exceptionally well. “Tori Spelling from Spring Lake Park took 1st place and we had BSM senior Katie Lichter take 2nd place and we are all proud of her,” said Ribich. After this meet the girls are sure to hit up the pool to get some more practice in, so they can show up the other teams at their next meet; which will be October 2nd against Robbinsdale Cooper.
The girls also have lots of fun together; whether it is driving to the pool or eating out before a meet, you can always find these girls laughing and joking around. “Since we don’t get a bus for meets we have really fun road trips out to our meets,” said Ribich.  When the girls aren’t practicing their dives or driving out to their competitions, you can probably find them “eating or watching the pull-up boys at Lifetime,” said Ribich.

With a team full of energy and drive the girls’ dive team will surely try their best to bring down their competition and have strong and competitive divers attending Sections and State this season.