Religion teacher to start wellness program

Elizabeth Tiffany

After years of teaching one of BSM’s most popular religion classes, Spirituality, Ms. Connie Fourre will temporarily leave the post second semester while she goes on sabbatical to complete her master’s degree in Holistic Health at St. Catherine University.

For the past four years, Ms. Fourre has been working on getting her master’s degree and plans to implement what she’s learned by starting a wellness program here at BSM.  “[Starting a wellness program] partly came out of meditation and spirituality class.  I became aware of how stressed and exhausted kids are,” said Ms. Fourre.

The BSM wellness program will be a class offered to juniors and seniors and will also include before and after school sessions for adults. The wellness program entails “learning about relieving stress and thinking of us as body, mind, and spirit and pulling those three together,” said Ms. Fourre.