My seven seconds of success

Jasmine McFarlane

It was sometime last week when I walked into my Journalism class to overhear a classmate’s raspy quiet voice as it cracked with every other word she said. From that moment, I knew I had an obsession and a new life goal: losing my voice.

Driving downtown in the bumper to bumper mayhem to the Target Center for the Foo Fighters concert was my excuse to help me accomplish my goal (or so I thought). It was the night I was finally going to lose my voice. Okay, I know you’re probably thinking why would anyone want to go out of their way to lose his or her voice, but it’s something I have tried to do on numerous occasions. I don’t know why I’m drawn to losing my voice but it’s just a constant desire. I think it’s the raspiness that I want, which gives out a sexy, hard to forget voice.

At the concert, Mary Helgager and I were screaming as loud as we could. The screaming was so obnoxious that it sounded like Dory from Finding Nemo trying to talk humpback whale. The screaming might have seemed out of excitement if one was to look at us, but for me it was just trying to wear out my voice. We were so caught up in the screaming that when I turned around to find my camera, I saw two guys (one hot, one not) staring with their eyebrows raised thinking, “What fools.” However, I think they got over themselves because halfway through the concert they came and sat by us so I got my dignity back. At this point, I had some raspiness in my voice (they thought it was hot, not going to lie).

By the end of the night I lost my voice for probably seven seconds. I was so excited to have finally lost it but after awhile my voice came back. I was devasted. It was like finding out the tooth fairy or santa claus weren’t real. I got my hopes up that night to only hear my normal yet annoying voice at the end. I screamed the whole time at the concert to purposefully lose my voice, and I only lost it for seven seconds––are you kidding me?

My desire to lose my voice didn’t stop there. The next morning on the way to school Mary and I decided to re-live the night before by putting on the Foo Fighters CD as we yet again screamed to the words of the song “The Pretender.” I hit every high note and held out every yell to the song as another plan to lose my voice.