Homecoming Week

I wish that homecoming week was every week. I would get up in the morning with no problem if I knew that there was some incredible homecoming event still to come. Because at BSM, everyone goes all out when it comes to our school spirit.

Even on Sunday, before the school week starts, members from the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes all come to school to decorate their grade’s fourth of the cafeteria. The freshmen decorate in green, the sophomores in yellow, the juniors in blue, and the seniors in red. When done, the cafeteria looks amazing, and you really have to see it to understand the effort that all of the classes put in to decorating.

One reason we put in all of our effort is because during the week the four grades compete to win the spirit stick. Throughout the week, you can earn your grade points by showing the most possible school spirit. My grade, as freshmen, were really excited to finally be part of the homecoming action so we used everything we had to be the best. And it paid off! We got second for decorating the cafeteria and BEAT THE SENIORS for that one particular event. The seniors pretty much always win the spirit stick at the end of the week so even beating them in just one event was pretty cool.

Although, they got us back on Monday night at the guys’ volleyball game. Every grade dressed up in their grade colors, and then the guys come and play two games of volleyball. The freshmen played the seniors to begin with, and well…we lost. Then we played the sophomores…and we lost again. But truthfully, I didn’t really care because it was definitely one of the most fun nights of the whole week. I was screaming, yelling, and cheering the whole night long, and I lost my voice for the rest of the week.

Even as I’m writing this now, my voice hasn’t returned fully. The guys don’t get to have all of the action though. On Wednesday night, the girls come to school and play a game of football. Some of the freshmen guys were coaching our team against the sophomores that night, and I learned one very important thing about my grade: None of the guys in my class are going to be football coaches. I mean seriously, they were so disorganized, but that made it really funny. And even though we lost, all of us had a really great time.