Homecoming Week

At the pep fest on Friday, students had to work hard at controlling their energy–everyone was excited beyond belief. The spirit squad and guys’ dance team performed, as did the step team, and our very own rap star, Dez Brownies ‘n Milk.

Everything was so entertaining and the cheers echoed through the Great Hall. Finally, though, the moment arrived and everyone held their breath. Which class would recieve the spirit stick? Which class had the most school spirit? Mr. Porsche, a favorite teacher, walked out with the spirit stick and proceeded to rip it in pieces.

“This year,” said Mr. Porsche, “There will not be a spirit stick.” Everyone gasped. “This year,” he said, “there will be a spirit staff!” Brought out to show the classes, the spirit staff was so tall, so red; it put the old spirit stick to shame. Walking around, debating which class to give the prize to, Mr. Porsche finally landed on us, the seniors.

Our Red Knight shouts and screams tumbled through the air and in one fluid motion, we all rushed down from the bleachers and ran in a circle around the Great Hall, a torrent of red and white. It hit me then: I am a senior. I have to make each day and each memory as great as I can, as fulfilling as my past years at Benilde-St. Margaret’s have been.

Homecoming week, with all its dress-up days and the dance, showcases the school spirit here at BSM in a very visual way, but the evidence of our having a tight-knit community can be seen every day of the year.