APUSH Teacher Ventures into Unfamiliar Territory

Rachel Kaplan

Sister Jeanne, known best for teaching the revered––though perhaps GPA-killing––AP U.S. History course, is adding a new class to her repertoire: seventh grade religion. The prospect first came about at the end of last year, when Dr. Skinner asked if she would be willing to teach in the junior high. According to Sister Jeanne, her first thought was, “Are you nuts?! No way!” but after some consideration and research, she decided to look into the opportunity.

Teaching religion as a school course for the first time in her long career, Sister Jeanne said her biggest problem is dealing with the flip-flop of religion with phy. ed. According to her, the whole situation “has induced a lot of laughter,” but she enjoys teaching her new “cute” and “little” seventh graders.