Tick Tick BOOM! My Labor Day Weekend

A bonfire, BBQ, and a boat explosion. What do all three of these seemly random events have in common other than the fact that they all involve flames? Each occurred over my Labor Day weekend.

Two hours into my annual trip to the lake to visit the grandparents, tragedy struck. One minute my family and I were cruising around the lake, and the next thing we know our boat had become a full fledged bonfire.

It all started when our boat’s engine became a little feisty and decided to blow its lid. Literally the lid blew into the air, knocking my mom into the water simultaneously. Then, out came flames, down jumped my family and I into the water, and before I knew it, our boat was roasting like a Thanksgiving turkey out on the lake.

As soon as I hit the water, a terror came over me. However, it had nothing to do with the explosion that had just occurred. I was more concerned about a muskie munching on my toe than the flaming boat behind me. Thankfully, we were rescued by a boat of fishermen quite promptly. Although we had lost camcorders, ipods, wallets, a purse, credit cards, cash, clothes, papers, cellphones, and sunglasses, we were so fortunate that my dad reached for one important item before he left. I’m glad to know that if I ever have dry eyes again, I can find relief in the eye drops my dad rescued moments before the boat exploded.

By this point, over 30 other boats came out and formed a ring around our flaming boat. It was just like a bonfire, and our boat happened to be the fire pit. It was a rather awkward scene, something like running into your chemistry teacher at Myth Night Club. I just wanted them to go home, but I guess a boat in flames is like a big deal nowadays.

More time had passed and we still couldn’t figure it out. How did it happen? The boat sheriff couldn’t figure it out, my dad didn’t know, the marina was stumped, and I’m leaning to the nearly impossible assumption that even Mr. Wander couldn’t determine the cause for the destruction. I guess we may never really know.

This past Labor Day was one to never forget, and it has taught me many life lessons. Life is short, cherish every moment, love with all your heart, laugh like no tomorrow, and never sit too close to a boat’s engine. I think that next time I see an action movie with a boat explosion scene, rather than marvel at how sweet it was, I’m going to stop and think twice. I’ll be reminded of that fateful weekend and of the flames and destruction, and I’ll say, “I know how it feels.”