Teen Vampire Novel Delivers Romance and Thrills

Elizabeth Tiffany

After months of waiting, teenage girls and women alike were finally able to get their hands on Stephanie Meyer’s fourth and final installment to the extremely popular Twilight series: Breaking Dawn. With pre-orders well into the millions, fans made Breaking Dawn one of the highest pre-ordered books ever, only second to last summer’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The story picks up right where Meyer’s last novel, Eclipse, left off. Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen are recently engaged. Bella’s best friend—and werewolf—is as jealous as ever, and the impending question as to when Bella will be turned into a vampire still stands. Plus, the threat of being visited again by the corrupt vampire leaders—the Volturi—is even greater than before.

Sure, the plot-line is as cheesy as it’s ever been, and some chapters definitely could have—and probably should have—been cut without ruining the story. However, it isn’t the plot-lines that have made the Twilight series as popular as it is, but rather Meyer’s attention to character interactions and emotions.

The majority of Breaking Dawn’s 754 pages are devoted to the relationship between Edward and Bella. The chemistry between the two lovers is even more electric than before, captivating fans with dizzying romance and leaving them thirsting for more.

Breaking Dawn, despite having a weak plot-line at times, delivers enough romance and suspense to keep both devoted Twilighters and newcomers entertained and enthralled, and will keep readers talking for weeks to come.