Walker Art Center’s Newest Addition- Mini-Golf

Amelia Raether

Just because school has started doesn’t mean your fun in the sun is over. If you haven’t had the chance to mini-golf at the Walker Art Center and missed the chance last year, head to the Walker’s outdoor, art-inspired mini-golfing course for some fun with the time you have left.

But this mini-golfing is unlike the typical game, as each hole is actually a three-dimensional sculpture or series of objects put together to make a scene that you putt through. The Walker first introduced outdoor mini-golfing two summers ago as a means to keep people interested even in the midst of Walker construction, and it proved to be a hit. With a new “go green” theme, this course it more creative and unique than before.

This year’s games are split into two 7-hole courses, one easy and the other more difficult. The first hole you encounter requires you to putt in between Paul Bunyan’s legs and under his swinging ax and then through the mouth of Theodore Roosevelt. Other features include a pinball machine that you control while riding a stationary bike, hanging water bottles you must putt under, a giant wooden spider, a curling life-size wave, and a water-tower.

“Walker on the Green” is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on September 1 and 2. This event lasts until September 7 just outside of the Walker Art Center, across from the Sculpture Garden. More information can be found at the Walker’s Web site at “http://www.walkerart.org.”