Baseball Team Finishes Strong Despite a Tough Loss

The Red Knights baseball team fought till the very end, losing 12-11 against Bloomington-Kennedy High School at home during their third round of sections on Tuesday, May 27.

To win the section, BSM would have had to win a double header again Bloomington-Kennedy.”We went into the game confident, playing one game at a time,” said junior Patrick Duda.

Throughout the game, it was constantly neck-and-neck as the score went back and forth between Bloomington-Kennedy and BSM. “The game was like a ping-pong match, going back and forth on who was ahead,” said junior Kevin Kosiek.

The Red Knights played strong, as they fought to keep up. Duda hit a two RBI double getting the Red Knights two points ahead in the fourth inning.

During the fifth inning, the Red Knights were faced with a major setback. Senior Steve Zierke was kicked out of the game for “plowing” over Bloomington-Kennedy’s catcher, Kevin Haram, as Zierke slid into home plate. “We were confident the whole game until Zierke got kicked out, and we began to lose some steam,” said Duda.

In the eighth inning, senior Jack Dwyer put the Red Knights up 10-8; then Duda hit a double and scored again, putting the Red Knights up 11-8. In the second half of the eighth inning, Dwyer gave up one run and senior Jon Lynch gave up two. Once again the score was tied 11-11.

In the bottom of the tenth, Lynch got the bases loaded and Bloomington-Kennedy loaded the bases and got a single up the middle making the score 12-11 and ending the game and season for the Red Knights.

elle mohs