Degraw drops predictable sophomore album

Degraw drops predictable sophomore album

In Gavin DeGraw’s debut album Chariot, released in 2003, his hit single “I Don’t Wanna Be” topped charts across the country thanks to DeGraw’s tuneful songwriting and and powerful vocals.  His second, self-titled album, released May 6, is good but is more or less of the same. 

His hit single “In love With a Girl” sounds similar to just about every song on Chariot, primarily his first single “I Don’t Wanna Be,” as well as the majority of songs on this current album.  The album is laced with guitars and the melodic sound of a piano, containing some definite hits as well as some clear misses.

A track that easily stands out from the rest is DeGraw’s current single “In Love With a Girl”: filled with good guitar melodies and catchy lyrics, the song is an automatic pop hit.  Another good song is “Cheated on Me.”  Sounding like John Mellancamp with a Nickleback twist, DeGraw sings about how his girlfriend is cheating on him; although a clichéd topic, his voice shines, making the song one of his bests.

However, for every chart-topper there’s a dud as well.  The song “Medicate the Kids,” for example, preaches about giving kids medicine for ADD.  It’s filled with heavy guitars–probably to enforce how angry he is about the situation–and proves that he should stick to his pop-style roots and continue writing about women and love. 

While some of his lyrics may seem odd and out of place, DeGraw proves himself to be a witty lyricist and songwriter, with an overall style similar to artists such as the Barenaked Ladies and Jason Mraz; the album is mellow and melodic, but is more upbeat than some other artists with similar styles, such as Jack Johnson.  Anyone who enjoyed Chariot will surely enjoy this follow-up album.

Hannah Muenzberg, staff writer