A rare find among expensive sushi shops

Unlike most sushi places, Little Sushi is not decorated with dark lighting, authentic pictures, and fancy little towels to wash your hands off with. Instead, Little Sushi is set up more like a smaller version of Chipotle on the inside.

Located at 8353 Crystal View Road in Eden Prairie with wooden booths, TVs showing CNN, and tunes from the Counting Crows playing on the speakers, there is nothing particularly special about Little Sushi on the inside, and that’s exactly how Little Sushi wants it to be. Restaurants are made to serve good food, and that’s where this Eden Prairie restaurant excels.

In less than 15 minutes, the speedy sushi chefs of Little Sushi will have mouth-watering number nine rolls, spicy tuna rolls, and my personal favorite avocado rolls at your table in a nonchalant manner, but just because the delivery isn’t on a silver platter doesn’t mean the sushi isn’t up to par.

The sushi in fact sets the precedent for how sushi should taste: sweet but spicy, with a zesty kick. Other than the sushi, Little Sushi also offers a variety of other authentic Japanese dishes that include a steamy chicken lo-mein, a deliciously salty edamai appetizer, and wontons that make the owners of Leeann Chin sick with jealousy.

If perfect food and perfect service isn’t enough to sway you to try Little Sushi, then what about perfect prices? A sushi dinner is synonymous with making guys squirm in their chairs thinking about how their hard-earned paychecks are about to be spent on uncooked fish, but that no longer has to be the case.

Almost all of Little Sushi’s six piece sushi dishes are under $4 and never have I received a bill that was more than $40 total (for two people). The best part is you can actually eat all the sushi you want until you’re full, without worrying about being hungry later or looking like a cheapskate in front of your date.

ryan shaver, staff writer