BSM Seniors Receive Scholarships

Art classes at BSM have always been popular among students. With a wide variety of courses to take and teachers with in-depth knowledge of art, students are able to explore their artistic abilities. This year, several BSM students have been rewarded for their art skills with scholarship money.
Senior Sarah Wahl was granted an art scholarship from St. Ben’s for her work in ceramics. Wahl started doing clay her freshman year at BSM and now is in Clay 4. “I work on the pottery wheel, making vases, bowls and plates,” said Wahl.
To qualify for the scholarship, Wahl had to put together a power point presentation of her artwork and show it to representatives at St. Ben’s. She also needed a letter of recommendation, which was written for her by Ms. Puffer, BSM’s clay instructor. The scholarship she received requires that she take at least one art class each year at St. Ben’s.

Another BSM senior who was granted scholarship money for her artwork is Nicole Pilarski. Pilarski has taken an art class each year that she’s been BSM, and has explored a variety of different types of art, such as painting, drawing, and clay. Her specialty is painting, and Ms. Jan Johnson, BSM’s painting instructor, nominated her for the scholarship. She received the money for one of her paintings in particular, which is of a Cyborg Turtle named “Xavier”. This painting is also featured in BSM’s literary art magazine, Apotheosis.
Pilarski was granted $10,000 towards any college of her choice, and she has decided to attend St. Thomas next year. She is excited about continuing her art career in college: “I’m going to take all the art classes that I can get away with,” said Pilarski.