Treasure Hunt a success

Courtney Johnson

With lines of waiting customers stretching out the doors and across the parking lot, the annual Benilde-St. Margaret’s Treasure Hunt was anxiously awaited by many. BSM students got to have a sneak peak at the “upscale garage sale” on Friday, April 18. The next morning, the sale opened to the public and was jam-packed with people searching for treasures.

The Treasure Hunt sold anything from old sports equipment to fine collectibles and furniture to childhood movie favorites, a popular purchase among the students. Donations were received from the BSM community for months in advance.

The Treasure Hunt is a BSM Parent Association sponsored event and raises money to go towards the school. “We did as well as last year,” said this year’s chair of the Treasure Hunt event, Mrs. Anna Tift, about the total sales of the hunt.

“The money goes into the general Parent Association fund and is given to the school at the end of the year,” said Tift, “there is no designated cause for it.”

After the Treasure Hunt was over and all of the merchandise had been picked through, everything that had not been purchased was donated to ARC thrift stores. “They come and pick it up and put it in their stores,” said Tift. ARC stores are similar to Goodwill stores as all of their merchandise has usually been previously owned or used.