Pastries made fresh at neighborhood bakery

Anna Martin

A Baker’s Wife is a modest, inexpensive little neighborhood bakery which serves homemade breads and pastries to its loyal customers of South Minneapolis. Located on the corner of 28th and 42nd Avenues in Minneapolis, the bakery is not appealing from the outside. Once inside, the overwhelming scent of freshly made donuts, cupcakes and cakes makes each customer continue to return. A Baker’s Wife is run by a Gary Tolle, former pastry chef from the Plaza Hotel in New York City, and he has brought his knowledge to the bakery.

The lemon bars are a must have. They are golden squares of French lemon tart, full of butter and sugar that melt on your tongue. The crisp crust provides a sweet crunch with a rich filling. If you are looking for a more extravagant treat for the afternoon, the cakes are also a favorite at A Baker’s Wife. The tri-layer cakes are layered with a rich, whipped frosting and topped with chocolate sprinkles that completes the five-pound masterpiece. The prices of the baked good are very reasonable; customers are able to leave with a bag full of tasty treats and a coffee or juice for under ten dollars. The staff is also very helpful and friendly, always willing to start up a conversation when you walk in the door.