Senior participates in Stick it to Cancer tournament

alexandra sifferlin

BSM senior Emma Shields-Nordness, participated in the tenth annual Stick it to Cancer Women’s Hockey Tournament.

The Stick it Cancer hockey tournament on April 18-20 was held in support for breast cancer, with proceeds going to The University of Minnesota Cancer Center.

A total of 96 women’s and girls’ hockey teams participated. This year, six ice rinks were painted pink, to follow the theme and hopefully draw more viewers.

The Walser blue team won first place at the tournament, and Shields-Nordness’ team, the Pink Panthers, came in third for the U19 division.

“I played in this because the goalie of my team’s mom is battling breast cancer and I felt like it was important to support her,” said Shields-Nordness. “I know it really means a lot to her that our whole team was playing in her name.”

If a game was tied even after a sudden death period, the winners were determined by the team with the largest cash donation.

“Pretty much teams are not just playing each other on the ice, but trying to raise more money than the other team,” said Shields-Nordness.