Celebrity endorsements not important

Anna Wyatt

So I know I may not be a diehard Obama follower, but am I really seeing what I am seeing? Halle Berry for Obama. Maya Angelou for Clinton. Will.I.Am for Obama. Barbara Streisand for Clinton.

Instead of worrying which celebrities have endorsed the candidates, we should worry more about what kind of policies they are going to bring about if elected. The way the race for the Democratic nomination has become a popularity contest is just plain ridiculous.

It really doesn’t matter to the presidential race if George Clooney is an Obama supporter, regardless of how attractive you might find him. Or take Obama girl. Who cares if a pretty girl willing to show off her cleavage supports Obama if he doesn’t have the best policies? The celebrity endorsements are endless from Oprah, well known talk show host and Obama supporter, to Jerry Springer, also well known television host and Clinton supporter.

The Stranger, a “slog,” that complies news and art information, has complied a chart that shows all of the supporters of either Democratic candidate. Some of the categories include “sexiest supporter” in which Scarlett Johansson, Obama supporter, and Mary Steenburgen, Clinton supporter, face off. How does this have any relevance to the Democratic race?

It doesn’t because neither of these people add any real weight to either candidates’ campaign. I know the superdelegates aren’t that super, and clearly have more influence in deciding the nomination than they should, but the superdelegates should mean so much more than the celebrities. At least they have some political experience and background to make an expert decision.

Instead of making our decisions based on celebrity endorsements, we should be looking at the actual policies the candidates wish to enact.

Next time you find yourself rooting for a candidate, ask yourself, am I supporting him/her because my favorite actor likes him/her, or because I think he/she will make the most practical and realistic changes.