Edina Grill boasts inventive American menu

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Edina Grill is a trendy and affordable restaurant with a twist on classic American cuisine. The restaurant has been open since September of 1999 and is owned by Stephanie Shrimp, her business partner David Burley, and partial owner, Stephanie’s brother Luke Shrimp.

The restaurant used to be located around the corner on 50th Street, but in 2006 moved to its present location at 50th and France. The building that the Edina Grill is now in used to be an old Vietnamese Restaurant, but Shrimp and Burley bought the land in hopes of opening a trendier restaurant in the area.With help from Shrimp’s husband, ’86 BSM grad, Jason Verrett, they built the Edina Grill. “My husband is an architect and he did the design. We wanted to make it a little more modern because the area is hip,” said Shrimp.

Shrimp and Burley also own many other small neighborhood restaurants. “We like to have neighborhood cafes that are a neighborhood destination,” said Shrimp. The Edina Grill prides itself on the organic and made from scratch menu. Some favorites include the “Grill Burger,” which is served with savory smoked bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, certified black angus beef, and a secret blend of seasonings and fresh pepper. Another favorite is the steak and pierogies. The meal consists of succulent, marinated steak medallions, pierogies, crispy onion strings and zesty horseradish sauce.

anna martin, staff writer