Minnpost.com: real news from real journalists

With the Internet on the verge of taking full control of the media, print newspapers such as the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press are struggling to hold onto readers. Laid-off writers from these newspapers have now come together with a new approach to journalism with the non-profit news website, Minnpost.com.

The site, which was launched in 2007, offers a refreshing approach to local and national news –– shifting the focus away from sports and celebrities and towards regional and world news, politics, and health and science.

Joel Kramer, the editor and CEO of Minnpost.com, was the editor of the Star Tribune from 1983 to 1998, when the Star Tribune was sold to The McClatchy Company, a leading newspaper and internet publisher. He also served as publisher and president of the Star Tribune for the last six years of his tenure there.

Behind Kramer is a team of editors and writers who update the site with new stories Monday through Friday. Most of these writers left their papers due to buyouts and the majority of them have decades of experience in Twin Cities media.

Minnpost.com is unique in its purpose. Unlike most newspapers that search to reach all readers, Minnpost.com’s desired audience is much more specific. According to its site, Minnpost.com’s mission is to “provide high-quality journalism for news-intense people who care about Minnesota. We intend to focus sharply on that mission, and not get distracted by trying to be all things or serve all people.”

by Marie Renckens, staff writer