Pei Wei brings new ethnic food to west metro

Indulging in your Chinese food cravings doesn’t just mean driving to the nearest Leann Chin anymore. Located in Eden Prairie, off of Highway 212 and Prairie Center Drive, Pei Wei Asian Diner is the newest addition to the west metro’s ethnic food array.

Upon entering the restaurant, you have two choices: take out or sit-down. If you choose the sit-down option,  the more popular option, expect a brief wait, as there is typically only one register for each option. However, while waiting in line for your meal, you will have no problem deciding what you want to eat, as there are menus displayed all throughout the restaurant.

A recommended dish to try is the Sweet & Sour dish. It is offered with chicken, steak, or pork and with white or brown rice. The dish is recognized because of its delicious combination of meat, fresh vegetables, and sweet pineapple.

Another aspect of Pei Wei that cannot go unrecognized is the serving portions. Unlike your typical American restaurant, the portions at Pei Wei are perfect. However, if you find them to be too big, each dish comes with a large serving spoon, perhaps indicating that they encourage you to share your meal with your friends.

The ethnicity of Pei Wei is shown through its Asian artwork portrayed throughout the restaurant including, black and white pictures of Asian children and different Asian artifacts, as well as the option of using chopsticks.

Although it is not major, the one disadvantage of Pei Wei is the fact that it is in such a small space, and the seating tends to be somewhat crowded. The only other thing that may tend to get in the way of an enjoyable dinner is the displayed kitchen. However, the noises from the kitchen tend to get drowned out by the level of conversations going on in the restaurant.

by Kira Schneider