Knight Errant

Sophomores conduct service despite pandemic

Sophomore Mitch Dokman planted a garden as his service project.

Sam Best, Staff Writers

May 29, 2020

Every year at BSM, sophomores are required to partake in some kind of service that betters their community, them as a person, and has a positive impact on people around them. Through all the thick and thin in these times of uncertainty and online school, BSM sophomores were still tasked to complete some...

Student participates in the circus

Kiara Van Oort takes classes on ladder trapeze, triple trapeze, Moroccan pyramids, low casting, and banquine which all fall under the aerial and acrobatic genres of classes.

Elena Latterell, Staff Writer

May 29, 2020

Most BSM students fill their free time with one or more extracurriculars, whether it’s football, basketball, or even table tennis. Eighth-grader Kiara Van Oort also participates in several activities outside of school, but one of them especially stands out: she’s in the circus. Since she was two...

Seniors look for college roommates for the upcoming year

Whether seniors start the school year with a Facebook account, most of them end it with one because it is the platform on which to meet a college roommate.

Blake Mahmood, Staff Writer

May 28, 2020

With college just around the corner, BSM seniors begin their search for a first-year roommate with the help of Facebook. Facebook has changed the game when it comes to looking for a roommate. Each college has their own Facebook group called “College name, class of 2024.” In these groups, futur...

Students suffer anxiety amidst difficult COVID-19 situation

Increased connectivity gives students the chance to stay informed, but also leaves them at risk of anxiety.

Flint Frohman, Staff Writer

May 26, 2020

Ever since online school began and social distancing rules began to take effect, it has become harder and harder for many students to keep COVID-19 off their minds. For some students, this unique situation has created new sources of anxiety and stress. All of the news about current issues can lea...

Sophomore customizes students’ Air Force Ones

Sophomore Tomas Lee shows off one of his customized shoes. Everything, down to the laces, has been hand-painted by Lee.

Grace Cochrane, Staff Writer

May 22, 2020

Sophomore Tomas Lee has a not-so-common hobby: customizing shoes. A few sophomores have gotten their shoes, specifically Nike Air Force Ones, painted by Lee, making their white shoes more colorful and giving them a special touch. Nike Air Force Ones are a very basic white shoe that many students at BSM o...

Teenagers find new ways to meet with each other

Nowadays, parking lots sits empty due to COVID-19, but every once in a while, students will use this space to gather in a way that follows social distancing guidelines

Keegan Gustafson, Staff Writer

May 16, 2020

Due to the limited number of ways to connect with friends during quarantine, teenagers are finding new ways to adapt. A hot trend for those who have their license is to meet up with friends in parking lots. In order to keep social distance, students park their cars in a circle with their trunks facing...

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