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Pancheros offers hungry customers a more authentic style of mexican cuisine

Pancheros was founded in 1992.

Zach Carden, Staff Writer

April 14, 2020

When it comes to “fast food” Mexican restaurants, most people’s minds go straight to Chipotle or even Qdoba. However, while these establishments are indeed good, there is a place that is often overlooked, even though some say it is far better than its competition—Pancheros. I have frequently visited Panch...

“Impractical Jokers: The Movie” has plenty of funny jokes, but lacks good acting and plot

Brady Wine, Staff Writer

April 6, 2020

The Impractical Jokers—a popular comedic TV series consisting of 8 seasons-worth of episodes has finally made its way into theatres with its new release, “Impractical Jokers: The Movie”. Sticking with their popular format of the pranks and challenges taking place among the 4 friends to the unaw...

Justin Bieber’s new album “Changes” introduces his fans to a new sound

Bieber performs at Target Center back in 2012

Sydney Wilharm, Staff Writer

April 3, 2020

Everyone knows the name, Justin Bieber. The teen heartthrob who was discovered at just 12-years old has just released his 5th studio album. Bieber was signed by Usher to RBGM Records and his fame skyrocketed. Now at the age of 25, he still has 10,892,323,807 streams on Spotify and a giant following. ...

“Parasite” paves the way for international movies

Parasite was released in theaters on October 5, 2019 and went on to win multiple Oscars. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Ava Krueger, Staff Writer

March 20, 2020

Everyone has experienced some sort of false reality. We’ve all fantasized about something or another— winning a big game, being famous, having a lot of money, etc. “Parasite” is an Academy Award-winning film rooted in fantasy, exploring the false hope these fantasies can give a person. This positiv...

“Uncut Gems” Is overhyped and not worth it

Brady Giertsen, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

The previews and the hype of Uncut Gems got me very excited to see this action pact movie. The beginning for some reason takes the viewer through veins and arteries of the human body. The start of the movie was the weirdest/worst start of a movie that I have ever experienced. The beginning didn't co...

Blueface gets presidential with his new single “Obama”

Blueface on set for the filming of the music video alongside an Obama look-alike

Aaron Latterell, Staff Writer

March 4, 2020

On February 7, popular rapper and lyrical genius, Blueface, released his latest track “Obama” in preparation for his upcoming studio album.  The song, which has a run time of two minutes and eight seconds, also features fellow American rapper “DaBaby,” who recently had his track “Suge” f...

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