Knight Errant

Staff Ed: Judging others based on academics has to stop.


November 15, 2019

Although competition is often viewed as a good thing for adolescent development, it can also sometimes be harmful to the student mind. We aren’t talking about it from an athletic standpoint, but rather academic competition. The...

Staff Ed: New homeroom schedule takes away valuable time from students


October 10, 2019

With the start of a new school year, there is now a new homeroom schedule that has received various responses amongst the student body. With these various responses prompts many questions: Is the new schedule truly more benefic...

Staff Ed: BSM’s classes should create new classes to better prepare students for the outside world

April 26, 2019

School is often defined by traditional classes and learning, but the classroom often falls short when preparing students for real-world situations. Students should be given more options for different classes that shadow life o...

Staff Ed: Fans who idolize their favorite celebrities should also recognize their missteps in their personal lives

March 22, 2019

In the hyper-connected generation that we live in, pop culture has become deeply ingrained into modern life. Social media has increased the widespread influence of celebrities; no longer are they simply artists of their craft, ...

Staff Ed: The New Voices of Minnesota movement would make must-needed changes to school newspapers

February 22, 2019

The New Voices of Minnesota movement has been gaining increasingly more attention in the new year, despite legislation for a New Voices bill having previously died in June 2018. The New Voices of Minnesota is a movement which aim...

Staff Ed: New Year’s resolutions for students

January 18, 2019

  Freshmen: Freshman year can be a difficult adjustment for everyone, especially for students who didn’t attend BSM’s junior high. While these struggles are normal, they are also important for growth and ...

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