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Democrats going to change United States regardless of Nominee

April 8, 2008

Over the course of the race to find a Democratic Nominee for the 2008 presidential election, one thing has become incredibly clear: Barack Obama has had it far easier than Hillary Clinton––an advantage which has been extraordinarily unfair. Throughout the race for the nomination, Obama has been...

Pick your candidate based on the issues not on the coolness factor

Pick your candidate based on the issues not on the coolness factor

April 6, 2008

As someone who is about as far left as you can go on the political scale, I’m incredibly happy that the Democratic party has been getting as much attention as it has been lately. However, I’m not happy with the amount of coverage being given to certain politicians (Barack Obama) rather than others...

Clinton causing Democrats to lose

Evan Bakker

April 2, 2008

This just in! Hillary Clinton has announced on Fox News that she will be staying in the presidential race until the convention, where the entire Democratic Party will certainly kill itself as a result. Now let’s allow our viewers to send in questions via e-mail. Why would she do this? asks Frank fro...

Grade inflation: a growing myth

April 1, 2008

I can't go a single mid-quarter grade report without my dad moaning about the state of grade inflation in schools. Although high schoolers may get higher grades than they used to, it is in my opinion that grade inflation does not exist. Even though I do get A's, it doesn't mean that I do not work...

Political experience isn’t everything

March 17, 2008

Experience? Plenty of people on Capitol Hill have experience. Ted Kennedy’s been passing legislation since the 1960s, John Kerry’s been involved in his anti-war activism since the 70s, and Karl Rove’s been the brainchild of the Republican party for decades. All politicians have experience....

Is flip flopping so terrible?

Is flip flopping so terrible?

March 16, 2008

I don’t mind flip-floppers. I know, I’m condoning the biggest sin in American politics, but before you toss this paper and your neighbor’s away in a flurry of disbelief, think about what it really means for a politician to stick with his or her stances religiously. Of course, we all remember...

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