Knight Errant

Many distractions affect students on a daily basis

Kiara Herro, Staff Writer | March 16, 2018

With the current rise and accessibility to technology, many tend to find more distractions and diversions in everyday life. As the time changes, what is distracting changes as well. This lack of focus not only affects students and their attention to their learning, but many other members of the BSM community. The meaning of distraction is similar for the teachers, help desk staff, and students. Distractio...

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Inside a conversation with Mayor Frey

Mia Rheineck, Staff Writer | March 6, 2018

While running the Twin Cities Marathon in 2006, Jacob Frey decided Minneapolis was where he wanted to live. Now serving as the Mayor of Minneapolis, Frey has a strong sense of leadership and hopes to better the city’s community. Having grown up running and having had a career as a professional runner, originally Frey had no intention of going into law or politics. He attended law school to get...

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Math teacher recounts tales from Peace Corps

Alexa Reynders, Staff Writer | March 2, 2018

Mr. Daniel Bowler, math teacher and math league coach, had a life changing experience when he took two years off from teaching at BSM to teach in a remote Nepali city, train other teachers, and travel. Bowler attended Totino Grace High School, where his social studies teacher Mr. Bud Popey told stories of his time in the Peace Corps during class. These stories inspired Bowler to join the Peace Co...

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Campus Minister makes an impact on theology department

Alexa Reynders, Staff Writer | February 23, 2018

Catholicism is an integral part of BSM. Campus Minister Ms. Becca Meagher is an essential part of the BSM community as she constantly works to incorporate faith into the daily life of students. Meagher’s journey in Catholic education started back when she attended a Catholic school in kindergarten. Ever since then, she has been in a Catholic institution on a daily basis. Meagher went to St. M...

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