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Knight Errant

Q&A with Mr. J

Dylan Boyd, Staff Writer | December 2, 2017

Mr. Michael Jeremiah has been here at BSM for years, and he has seen BSM change and evolve throughout the years. He has seen the school at its best and at its worse. For him BSM is like a family, throughout all this time and various changes.  KE: What keeps us together during times of struggle and difficulty? MJ: I think one of the most important things that keeps us together and gets us th...

BSM uses donations in order to improve experience

Spencer Sweeney, Staff Writer | November 21, 2017

As a private, catholic school, BSM can not rely on governmental funding; it must support itself. Tuition makes up a large part of the yearly intake; however, it cannot fill all of the costs of the school. The rest of these must be made up in donations, both small and large. Recently the school has received an anonymous donation of one million dollars, which begs the question: how are these large d...

Members of the BSM community try new activities as they step outside of their bubble

Ben Larson, Staff Writer | November 17, 2017

Whether it be by joining something new, finding a new leadership role, or by experiencing something well known in a whole different light, many members of the BSM community have elected to leave their comfort zone behind in the pursuit of a wider, more fulfilling horizon. Ms. Kathy Jacobson, attendance supervisor of BSM, recently found herself onstage singing loudly and proudly in the front row of a...

KE staff members write about going outside of their comfort zones

November 16, 2017

Many KE staff members busted out of their comfort zones in order to find new experiences and gain new perspectives.

The student news site of Benilde-St. Margaret's School in St. Louis Park, MN