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BSM strives to support all students

Erin Long, Features Editor | February 16, 2018

Sophomore Joey Trella was born deaf. Now, with cochlear implants, she takes on high school. Junior Ava Schieffert tries to catch up in English after being diagnosed with dyslexia while attending a French immersion school. Junior Grady Gordon has lived with spina bifida his whole life. These are just three of the students who deal with disabilities on a daily basis at BSM. One way to assist stud...

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The Super Bowl increases sex trafficking in the host city

Lorenzo Cerda and Brendan Gallaher | February 9, 2018

While the vast majority of media coverage focuses on the perks of hosting the Super Bowl— from economic benefits to powerful excitement that takes over the city—one critical consequence is too often overlooked. With any Super Bowl, cities tend to experience a rise in human sex trafficking, one of the most evil acts of humanity in which young children face unimaginable suffering at the hands of adults who t...

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The line between bullying and drama can be unclear

Allison Brooks, Staff Writer | January 26, 2018

High school is a breeding ground for harassment, hazing, and bullying. When it is depicted in TV and movies, it is shown as playful teasing. However, this leads to students not taking bullying seriously and joking about it. However, bullying is not just swirlies and name calling. Bullying has evolved to something much more complex; but as it escalates, many like to bring it down and just call it “dr...

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BSM tells how to respond to bullying

Kayla Farrey, Varsity Writer | January 26, 2018

BSM believes in providing an uplifting environment for students, free of bullying or any type of harassment. This is enforced by teachers, admissions, and fellow peers, and bully hotline signs decorate the school hallways to remind students that no one is alone. It is important as a school to stick together, not bring each other down. Bullying is an act of hate, which is not acceptable at BSM. “P...

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