Knight Errant

Zach Carden
What’s up slimes. Meet Zach. When he’s not cooking up some gas at the Interlachen pool kitchen or perfecting his craft at the baseball field or basketball court, you can find him wandering the halls of BSM. Zach, a man with two perfectly healthy knees, loves to run, jump, and play spikeball. In fact, he is known as the local spikeball “Pro” within the Minneapolis Area. While not a member yet, Zach hopes to join the infamous “YBA”or “Young Bull Affiliated” as he is their biggest fan (his application is still pending). Commonly known as “The Best Looking Guy” within BSM, he is a down to earth person who doesn’t like to acknowledge his Leonardo Dicaprio-esc appearance. He is a relatively mysterious soul amongst his peers as not many know what he enjoys to do in his free time. Zach avidly enjoys learning sign language, using his handicap parking spot anytime possible, and watching Tik Toks for a significant period of time throughout the day. While Zach has never roasted another person within these halls, his friends will often refer to him as “Alvin” as his appearance is similar to that of the infamous Chipmunk. Zach denies this correlation to this day even though we all can see it.


Zach Carden, Staff Writer

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Zach Carden