Knight Errant

Sarah McGurl
Sarah McGurl (don't forget the H in Sarah), is in fact a girl if the last name didn't give it away. Don’t expect to have a conversation with Sarah that doesn't involve some sarcasm. You can find Sarah meandering through the hallways chatting while taking extra long and frequent bathroom breaks. When she’s not roaming the hallways of Benilde St. Margaret’s you can find Sarah tearing it up on the lacrosse field. She has been captain since 7th grade, which is quite the accomplishment for someone who didn’t even go to Benilde until 10th grade. At home, Sarah can be found perfecting her cooking skills while simultaneously driving her parents crazy setting off the smoke alarms. Occasionally she works on her dance moves. For those of you that know Sarah, you know she is quite the dancer. What you won't find Sarah doing is watching TV, movies, netflix, or anything of that sort because she can't work her own TV and gets bored in a matter of seconds when sitting still. If you ever need to reach Sarah, don’t attempt to after 9:00 PM because she will be sound asleep.

Sarah McGurl, Staff Writer

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Sarah McGurl