Knight Errant

Sadie Witterschein
Sadie Witterschein not only has a hard time keeping track of whether she took her Adderall or not, but also with keeping all of her joints functioning. She dislocated her knee this past summer in front of one of the biggest dance inspirations, Eva Igo, and recently recovered in time for winter tryouts. If she isn’t obsessing over her fat orange cat or cows (funny how they’re about the same size) you can find her trying to find a new smoothie place that is just as good as the Tropical Smoothie Cafe, since it closed. She also enjoys spending time with family, which includes activities such as learning sign language and arguments about dance team, politics, or whether or not you pronounce the L in salmon and the proper way to pronounce Nutella.

Sadie Witterschein, Photographer

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Sadie Witterschein