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Peyton Schuldt
When not engrossed in theories about aliens and government coverups, Peyton Schuldt can often be found sipping a can of peach-pear flavored La Croix and laying on her bedroom floor, listening to “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac and thinking deeply about the future. Peyton is full of bright ideas such as making an Instagram account for her dog at midnight after hours of AP Gov homework, making up Food Network-esque names for things as simple as PB&J (brioche with a filling of peanut spread and strawberry reduction), and taking naps after school even though she *knows* it will make it hard for her to fall asleep at night. Forever a fan of fun socks and sparkling water (peach-pear only, please), Peyton’s writing and love of 80’s synth pop will surely place her among the most esteemed alumni of KE history.

Peyton Schuldt, Staff Writer

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Peyton Schuldt