Knight Errant

Nick Bolin
Nick Bolin is the son of canadian demi-god Celine Dion with his father rumored to be the same Medi-Chlorians that fathered Anakin in the critically acclaimed “Phantom Menace” Before Nick began his career in Journalism he dabbled in a variety of fields most notably a robin hood esque bandit referred to in boomtown saloons as “the greatest highwaymen they ever did see”. After a career as a morally impassioned thief he turned to the music industry where under a stage name “Wyldlyfe fien” he looked to revolutionize the EDM scene by creating songs using exclusively the sounds of nature. To the dismay of many top notch DJ’s Nick suddenly left the scene to pursue a career in native american flute music. After Nick had mastered the craft of flute he was contacted by the knight errant to write pieces on Americana and tales of the open road.

Nick Bolin, Staff Writer

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Nick Bolin