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Molly Keady
If you’re looking for a girl who’s pretty close to perfection, look no further. Like “Where’s Waldo,” you’ve probably spotted the remarkable Molly Keady in the BSM hallways, wearing one of the many stripe shirts she hoards. Typically chillin with her many celebrity friends, Molly can be found writing her latest hits under the aliases of MK, MKizzle or the Real MShady. MK thrives on cynicism, caffeine, and BuzzFeed videos bantering about Donald Trump. When not jamming out to indie music or practicing for the Olympics in Professional Netflix watching, this goddess among men enjoys #mockingatthelakesandprotestinglocalinjustices. When confronting her, be sure to avoid gazing at her mystical hair which made from legitimate gold and sunshine. MK?? More like M-Slay

Molly Keady, Social Media Manager

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Molly Keady