Knight Errant

Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan starts most mornings by making some fresh hot coffee and then sitting down at his computer and deleting every single piece of fan mall he has received within the night. He receives millions of messages each night.  This is because he is a high-profile star and, in fact, 90% of the European population has his name tattooed somewhere on their body.  When not at school, he works as the general manager of a multi-national investment firm dealing mainly with funding research for neutron and fusion bombs etc.  In his spare time, other than creating the most elaborate David Hasselhoff fan site, he is the justice given form.  He puts on a skin-tight moth costume and becomes Mothman, The Dark Crusader.  He doesn’t have any superpowers, but he has the Mothmobile – modified 1984 Talbot Horizon, a classic.  His arch nemesis is called “The Poker” and his evil plots mostly center around cheating in online card games.  He has many talents.  He posses superior analytic intelligence and his knowledge about everything is beyond anything ever known to mankind before him. Compared to him, Einstein was a minor player, merely a pawn.  He was dynamite but Mike is a tactical nuke. Because you want to know more about Mike you can read his biography, “Beowulf”.

Mike Ryan, Staff Videographer

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Mike Ryan