Knight Errant

Megan Hamilton
Hailing from the somewhat sketchy part of Golden Valley, Minnesota, Megan is a junior at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Coming from a family of seven kids, her life is a bit like “Cheaper by the Dozen,” and she’s lucky enough to play the part of “Fedex,” the black sheep to all the other siblings. Like Fedex, her childhood was a collection of being left behind and forgotten at church, basketball games and even school. Megan also looks physically like a sore thumb as compared to her family, as she is she is the only one that has tan skin and very light brown hair. But the life of a “Fedex” kid isn't always so bad, having five older siblings to hang out with is a lot of fun. Having your older sibling scaring off the bullies on the playground was really helpful, and taught her not to toughen up. Her misplacement in such a huge family has brought her to be the overly sarcastic and easily annoyed person she is today.

Megan Hamilton, Staff Writer

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Megan Hamilton