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Lily Butner
Lily Butner is a lanky individual who is also known as “the crip.” She got this nickname after spending four years in physical therapy, one dance season too injured to dance, and two months on crutches after getting two surgeries to fix her hip and ankle problems. If you include her knee problems, she has a problem in every joint from the waist down! At BSM, you can find Lily in the Great Hall busting a move on the BSM Dance Team. When Lily is not at BSM, she will most likely be studying the Enneagram, because she’s obsessed with it (she’s a Type 2, for reference), or reading (for fun!). You can’t expect to have a conversation with Lily without her mentioning that she’s read the Harry Potter series nine times. Yes, nine.

Lily Butner, Staff Writer

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Lily Butner