Knight Errant

Leila Aboussir
Leila has been on this world for 17 years, but tends to go unnoticed because of her height. The striking similarity between her and Princess Jasmine is uncanny, but would like everyone to know that she is, in fact, not a princess, but aspires to be one. She’s halfway there with her royal Moroccan bloodline. When Leila isn’t eating, you can find her scavenging for silly bandz, lounging in her Moroccan castle, or popping into different characters--but never a butter sculpture. She may seem like just another beautiful princess in a long line of North-African royalty, but it’s her love of Indian men, fortune-telling machines, progress, and picket fences that truly set her apart. Did she mention that she’s Moroccan royalty?

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Leila Aboussir, Online Photography Editor

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Leila Aboussir