Knight Errant

Julia Feld
Professional channel surfer by day, jungle cat wrangler by night, Julia Feld spends a significant amount of her time watching Grey’s Anatomy, browsing twitter,  and daydreaming about the day when she will be queen of the Jungle. She is known for her ambitious mindset in which she often imagines herself achieving world domination. Julia has won multiple awards for her world famous Twitter account–no autographs please. With a whopping 1,419 followers, Julia can hardly go out in public without being swamped by her ever-adoring fans. Since becoming proficient in all the Grey’s Anatomy romances and lingo, Julia considers herself the nation’s leading expert in medical care of all sorts, she has even managed to muster up the strength to cover her brother’s mosquito bite with a Disney princesses band-aid. She spends the rest of her time split between wishing homework didn’t exist and lamenting over the knowledge that she will spend the rest of her days living alone in a one-bedroom apartment with her 27 cats and two goldfish named Simba and Nala.

Julia Feld, Staff Writer

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Julia Feld