Knight Errant

John Brask
Who is Johnny Brask? A simple, yet perplexing question to answer. Why is it perplexing you may ask? Because there is no answer. Being the first of his name, Johnny has managed to do the impossible-literally. In the dead of winter he swam from Lake Minnetonka all the way to Lake Superior in under 6 minutes. How? We don’t know. He is also a mentor to many authors and aspiring authors including: J.K. Rowling, Ernest Hemingway, Mrs. Brew, and some guy named Mark Twain. There have been tales of this eastern born man and 3x meat raffle champion reading the entire Harry Potter series backward and forward with his eyes closed. This should give you enough insight on the humble beast that is Johnny Brask.

John Brask, Staff Writer

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John Brask