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Jenny Krane
Jenny Krane is a passionate, savvy girl of 17 with a heart full of love and confetti. One word to describe her is granola – she loves the outdoors (or dressing like she is outdoorsy), and is the typical stereotype of a Minnesotan. Jenny loves to make frequent calls to a damsel-in-distress hotline. She also has an obscure obsession with the color orange, which led her to try to land on the sun…it didn’t end well. Jenny is terrified of butterflies and avoids butterfly gardens at all costs; in a butterfly garden, there’s no escaping the winged wrath of the devilish insects. For four years in a row, she has won the National Nostril Flaring contest. She knows the script of Barbie’s The Nutcracker by heart and is a total movie-soundtrack junkie.


Jenny Krane, Staff Writer

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Jenny Krane