Knight Errant

Jacqueline Bieter
Little do others know that when the sun goes down, Jacqueline turns into her secret identity: Santa Claus. At exactly ten o’clock, when everyone in her family is asleep, her Christmas mode begins. She first finds it necessary to put on the proper clothing, including the beard, red outfit, and boots. Later, she likes to practice her “Ho-ho-ho’s” and some “Merry Christmas’s” in the mirror for a while. It is then crucial for Jacqueline to stock up on some inventory for the children. She even hired some seventh graders from BSM to be her elves and help her with toy production. On lucky occasions, she will make a “legal” stop around twelve at Toys-R-US and sneak in. However, she finds this as cheating and ruining the spirit of Christmas. Just before she leaves on her Christmas-filled excursion, she takes a stop at Sweet Martha’s Cookie Factory to load up on cookies, then she is off on her trip. If you ever see a figure in the night trying to break into people’s houses, don’t be alarmed. It’s just Jacqueline, jolly and cheerful.

Jacqueline Bieter, Health Editor

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Jacqueline Bieter