Knight Errant

Jack Beutz
Beutz was born the son of a son of a sailor and known to most as the Lone Ranger––or simply El Diablo to his compatriots. One of the greatest sharks you’ll ever see, the Master of river gambling makes his living by playing high stakes poker for quick cash. River gambling, however, can be a dangerous game. While he was shuffling some delta boys on a boat from New Orleans, the captain hit a sandbar an ace fell from his sleeve. They tossed him overboard as he swore he didn’t cheat. But he could swim, and he rode again. He retired gambling soon thereafter, riding into the desert on a horse with name. El Diablo’s activities didn’t cease at Gambling however, as he his also found himself planting corn as a passionate midwest farmer, making a living off the land. The rain hadn’t fallen since the middle of July, and his crops were dying. The bankman said he liked him, but there was nothing he could do, he said that he was going to foreclose the farm. But the cloud were coming too. El Diablo was quoted as saying “you’re not my friend, and I’ll ride again”. Once he became bored of midwest farming, the quick drawing Ranger found business keeping the law in check as a deadly late 19th century gunslinger. A de jure Jack of all trades, El Diablo is also in possession of a golden fiddle, won for mastering a challenge of the strings facing off against the actual devil while he was in Georgia. Though he lives an adventurous and unpredictable life of twists and turns, there’s one thing certain, you’ll never see the ranger caught in traffic.

Jack Beutz, Staff Writer

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Jack Beutz